İpekyüz Gıda

İpekyüz Gıda

İpekyüz Gıda is a well-established food company founded in 1997 in the center of Batman. Continuing its activities with an uninterrupted understanding of quality since the day it was founded, İpekyüz Gıda stands out with its strong position in the sector.

With an important agreement made in 1998, İpekyüz Gıda established a partnership with Pak Holding and obtained the Dealership of Pakmaya Products. This cooperation has diversified the company's product portfolio and provided the opportunity to offer a wide range to customers. Thanks to İpekyüz Gıda's quality-oriented approach and effective distribution network, Pakmaya Products gained the trust of consumers in the region and achieved a successful sales performance.

Increasing its regional success, İpekyüz Gıda signed a strategic agreement with Ülker Eksper EDT (out-of-home consumption) within Yıldız Holding in 2012 and obtained the franchise right in Batman. With this agreement, İpekyüz Gıda serves as a product supplier to institutions operating in sectors such as hotels, catering establishments, patisseries and bakeries. İpekyüz Gıda meets the expectations of its customers in the region at the highest level with its wide product range, adherence to quality standards and customer-oriented approach.

In 2018, with the changing competitive conditions in the region, İpekyüz Gıda took a strategic decision to withdraw from the domestic market and focused on export-oriented activities. Thus, it aims to be recognized as a strong brand in the international market. İpekyüz Gıda's export activities are supported by the production of products in compliance with international standards under quality and hygiene conditions.

The basis of İpekyüz Gıda's success is its specialized staff, experience in the sector and innovative perspective. The company always prioritizes customer satisfaction and establishes long-term business relationships based on trust. At the same time, it aims for common success by creating a strong synergy with its suppliers and business partners.

İpekyüz Gıda continues on its way with the vision of being a leading brand in the sector with its quality, reliability and customer-oriented approach. Thanks to its ability to adapt to the constantly changing and developing sector conditions, it successfully continues its mission of offering the best to its customers.

İpekyüz Gıda is a business partner that stands out with its corporate structure, solid infrastructure and reliability in the sector. It continues its activities by adhering to high quality standards and always aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.