İpekyüz Company

İpekyüz Company

İpekyüz Company was established in 2013 with the first investments of İpekyüz Gıda in the city of Duhok in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The company initially started its activities by assuming the dealership of strong brands such as Ülker Eksper (EDT) and Polen Food. Acting with the understanding of quality products and services, İpekyüz Company developed a wide range of products in a short time in order to meet customer demands and stand out in the market, and started to operate in the Southern region of Iraq. In this process, the company's turnover increased rapidly and its growth momentum was achieved in a sustainable way.

İpekyüz Company, with its constant search for innovation, assumed the North and South Iraq Distributorship with the Polen Food brand in 2019, giving a new impetus to its growth strategy. Stepping into the Syrian market in the same period, the company strengthened its presence in the region and significantly increased its market share. In 2021, İpekyüz Company acquired the Southern and Northern Iraq distributorship of IFFCO Alfa oil group in order to further expand its product portfolio. This strategic move has increased the competitive power of the company and strengthened its ability to respond to customer demands more quickly and effectively.

Customer focus, high quality standards, reliability and continuous improvement are among the core values behind our company's success. We are constantly improving our products and services to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our customers. We also aim to add value to our business partners and develop long-term business relationships.

Our vision is to continuously offer innovative products and services by focusing on customer satisfaction. We constantly follow market trends to understand our customers' needs and offer them the best solutions. In addition, the happiness and development of our employees is the cornerstone of our company's success. We enable our employees to maximize their potential by providing training, a supportive work environment and career opportunities.

İpekyüz Company will continue to implement its growth strategies with determination in order to maintain its leading position in the sector and to continue to offer quality products to our customers.


Adres: Zaxo Street Near Original Oil Geverke/Duhok/IRAQ
Web Adresi: www.zetemexport.com
Mail Adresi: tunceripekyuz@zetemexport.com