Zetem Export

Established in 2019, Zetem Exports operates as an active export company in other regions, especially in Iraq. Zetem Exports was deemed worthy of an award by DAIB (Eastern Anatolian Exporters' Association) for its successful export figures in a short time. Zetem Export, which continues its activities actively today, is an establishment of İpekyüz Gıda.

Zetem Exports has made a name for itself in international trade by adopting the principle of quality and customer orientation since its establishment. Export activities are supported by a strong marketing and distribution network and aim to provide timely and quality service to its customers. Zetem Export's products are produced in accordance with high quality standards and can be customized in accordance with customer demands.

Zetem Export aims to establish long-term business relationships by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. With its customer-oriented approach, it strives to understand the needs of its customers and to offer them the most appropriate solutions. At the same time, it adopts the understanding of doing business by adhering to the principles of reliability, honesty and business ethics.

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